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The importance of teacher training

Anne is eight years old and lives in the Eastern Province of Zambia. She enrolled in school after a health assessment session that was conducted at her local school in January 2019.

When assistive technology transforms a care home

Dave Hursthouse is the assistive technology project manager at Hill House in Sandbach. One year since the assistive technology project began, he tells us how it is changing lives.

Podcast: Addressing the Accessibility Gap

In this episode of our podcast, Josh Reeves catches up with Rich, one of the founders of Access Rating, an app that lets users rate the places they've been based on accessibility.

Keeping disabled students connected in lockdown

Catherine Alejo is our Programme Manager in Uganda and Tanzania. She talks about how we've been working with children with disabilities in Uganda to ensure they can continue to access education through the coronavirus pandemic.

Podcast: My traumatic brain injury

On this episode of The Disability Download, Scott Sutherland shares his story of how he acquired a Traumatic Brain Injury, his recovery, how he manages his mental health and his journey to being a motivational speaker.

How we build confidence with Can Do

Fiona is one of our Can Do Coordinators. She tells us how the poetry sessions she's been running have helped young disabled people have an outlet during the pandemic.

Building skills to create lasting change

Mikaela Campbell is a Can Do Coordinator from Conwy. She tells us how one of her Can Do groups has managed to support their local community during the pandemic.

Is the pandemic making studying more inclusive?

In the latest episode of the Disability Download, we heard Amelia and Cassie sharing their experiences. Thines Ganeshamoorthy, whose ‘Try it!’ campaign won the NUS Disabled Students’ Campaign of the Year 2015, reacts to their stories.