We are campaigning to overcome barriers disabled people face when looking for work.

Our “Locked out of the labour market” report shows how disabled people have carried the greatest burden in the coronavirus pandemic. Our research is based on polling data provided by Savanta ComRes. It builds on our own “Plan for Jobs” that we released in September 2020.

The UK Government must now put in place a disability inclusive economic recovery. It needs to address the immediate needs of disabled people due to the pandemic. As well as tackling the long-term obstacles faced by disabled people in accessing the workplace.

Our new research shows how disabled people are set to carry the burden in the Coronavirus economic recession. Their ability to access work will have knock-on effects on their financial security.

  • Coronavirus has had an impact on the work of 71% of disabled people who were employed in March 2020.
  • 24% of disabled people in the UK have worked reduced hours.
  • 20% of disabled people in the UK have lost out on income.
  • 40% feel at greater risk of redundancy due to employer judging them based on their disability.

Locked out of the labour market - executive summary (PDF - 518KB)

"Losing my career meant that I lost who I was entirely. It was a loss financially, vocationally, and socially. I had worked so hard and everything disappeared overnight." Libby

We are calling on the UK Government to:

  • Introduce a Jobs Guarantee for newly unemployed disabled people, including benefits recipients as well as first time job-seekers leaving education or training.
  • Continue to offer access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to people who are clinically vulnerable to coronavirus.
  • Improve Kickstart so that it is better tailored to disabled young people.
  • Introduce mandatory reporting for large employers on their performance in employing disabled people.
  • Introduce Adjustment Passports or “Purple Passports” - records identifying the reasonable adjustments, modifications and equipment a disabled person has received in work.
  • Make sure the benefits system works better as a safety net to stop people falling into poverty during the pandemic.

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