Running in memory of my brother

Jeremy Jones-Bateman

Jeremy tells us about his experience of running the London Marathon in aid of us. 

A man wearing a Leonard Cheshire running vest holding a London Marathon medal

At Leonard Cheshire, we are constantly moved by the stories of individuals who go the extra mile to support our cause. One such inspiring individual is Jeremy Jones-Bateman, whose recent participation in the London Marathon resonates deeply with our mission and values.

In a recent interview, Jeremy shared his motivations and experiences, offering insights into his journey and the significance of running for a charity close to his heart.

Why Jeremy picked Leonard Cheshire

Jeremy's journey began with a personal connection to Leonard Cheshire. His brother Rowland, who battled multiple sclerosis (MS), received care and support from Leonard Cheshire care home Hydon Hill for five years. Reflecting on his brother's journey, Jeremy felt compelled to honour his memory and the invaluable care provided by Leonard Cheshire.

"My brother had multiple sclerosis. He passed away 20 years ago at the age of 29. He was diagnosed in his early 20s and was looked after by Leonard Cheshire homes for about five years," Jeremy shared.

The care his brother received at Hydon Hill, one of our care homes in Godalming, Surrey made a profound impact on Jeremy and his family. Despite the challenges posed by MS, Jeremy's brother found solace and companionship within the supportive community at the home.

"Hydon Hill was his home for the last five years of his life. The carers were amazing, and he made some really good friends there," Jeremy reminisced.

Amazing achievement

Driven by gratitude and a desire to give back, Jeremy embarked on his marathon journey, determined to raise funds for Leonard Cheshire. With unwavering support from friends and family, Jeremy raised an amazing £4,215 for our charity. 

"When I got into running, I wanted to help Leonard Cheshire because of everything they did for my brother and my family. So, I put my application forward and was lucky enough to be taken on board," Jeremy explained.

Hydon Hill was his home for the last five years of his life. The carers were amazing, and he made some really good friends there.

Training for the marathon presented its own set of challenges, but Jeremy approached it with determination and resilience. Reflecting on his training journey, Jeremy emphasised the importance of staying motivated and finding joy in the process.

"Each marathon is different, and training can be tough. But remembering why you're doing it and who you're doing it for keeps you going," Jeremy shared.

During the marathon itself, Jeremy found inspiration in the support of the crowd and the memory of his brother. Crossing the finish line was a moment of triumph and reflection, a testament to Jeremy's perseverance and dedication.

Choose a cause important to you

As Jeremy looks back on his marathon journey, he offers valuable advice to others considering running for a charity.

"If you really want to run the marathon, choose a charity that's important to you. Put your application forward and commit to the cause. You'll be amazed at the support you receive and the difference you can make," Jeremy advised.

Jeremy's story is a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and community. His journey not only honours the memory of his brother but also inspires others to make a meaningful impact in their own lives and the lives of others.

At Leonard Cheshire, we are grateful for individuals like Jeremy who embody our values and champion our cause. 

Their unwavering support fuels our mission to create a world where every person is equally valued and included.