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Changing our environments with assistive tech

Charisse Holder is our occupational therapist on the Assistive Technology project at Hill House in Sandbach. She tells us the importance of considering the environment when introducing new assistive technology into a residential / care home.

Podcast: Travelling with a disability

In this episode of The Disability Download, travel blogger Sophie Elwes and adventure tourist Jezza Williams tell us about their experiences of travelling and adventuring with disabilities, and also what needs to be done to open up the world of...

We must ensure no girls with disabilities are left behind

Major global events are set to be hosted in the UK this year. Our Director of Policy, Gemma Hope tells us why these events will decide the educational chances of millions of girls, including girls with disabilities.

Realising dreams in Uganda

Jesca Alyano is a 16-year-old disabled girl from Uganda. Thanks to our inclusive education programme, she can now access an education.

Why inclusive learning environments are important

Esther Banda is a primary school teacher in the Eastern Province of Zambia. She teaches at one of the schools that's part of our Inclusive Education project and took part in inclusive teacher training in May 2019.

How male mentoring is changing girls’ education

Our male mentoring programme in Kenya is helping to break down the stigma around disability and gender. Moi, one of our mentors, tell us about his experience and the families he has supported.

Finding his future

Emmanuel is a 14-year-old boy from the Amolatar district in Uganda. Thanks to support from our inclusive education project, Emmanuel was able to access education and now dreams of being a teacher.

Becoming an aspiring young leader

Harriet Munkombwe is a 9-year-old disabled school girl from Zambia. Thanks to support from our inclusive education project, she is now aspiring to become a young leader.