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Advocating for inclusion

Johnkeen, who attended an inclusive school as part of our Girls’ Education Challenge Transition (GECT) project, tells us why he’s advocating for inclusive education in Kenya.

From community advocacy to an aspiring politician

Former Young Voices participant, Ashura Michael, reflects on her journey from community advocacy to an aspiring politician. Ashura is running in the Kenyan Senate Elections and hopes to become the first female deaf legislator in Kenya.

How my assistance dogs changed my life

For Assistance Dog Awareness Day, we’re sharing stories from owners about what life is like with an assistance dog. Here, Sîan talks about how her dogs, Arnie and Uri, changed her life.

Podcast: Amplifying disabled voices in the media

On this month's episode, disability rights activist Jazz Shaban catches up with BBC Correspondent Gary O'Donoghue. Gary reflects on his own experiences as a journalist and how he feels the media landscape has changed over time.

You’re hired!

Cathy, from Uganda, tells us about what she gained from our employment project.

Coming together, with a click

This is a story about how, through the Digital Buddy programme, a group of exceptional volunteers are helping people like Andrew to connect with the world.