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Why we need to talk about intersectionality

In the first instalment of our new series At the Intersection, Gwenyth Withers looks at what intersectionality is and why it's important to talk about.

The power of partnerships

Jen Sweeney talks about how we're trying to close the disability employment gap - thanks to our new partnership with John Lewis.

Closing the employment gap for women in Uganda

For the last three years, we’ve been working with 250 women with disabilities in Northern Uganda. Catherine Alejo, Programme Manager in Uganda and Tanzania, explains how the project has supported these women in developing their skillsets and starting...

Turning skills to profit

Jane is 20 years old and lives in Northern Uganda. Thanks to the support she received from our livelihoods project, she now runs a thriving hairdressing business.

Dreaming of a new future

Beatrice took part in our livelihoods project in Adjumani district of Uganda. We look at how the project supported her goals and how her homemade beaded bag and purse business is going from strength to strength.

Podcast: Powerchair football refereeing

Joshua Reeves catches up with Nathan Mattick, the first ever wheelchair user to qualify as a football referee in the UK. Nathan talks all about his journey to becoming a referee, the impact of Covid and his hopes for the future.

Podcast: From retail to record label

When Grace Capaldi realised that mainstream employment wasn’t for her, she came up with a radical solution: to run a record label full time and found a recording studio. Here she tells us about that journey to being her own boss, and why the unusual...

The possibilities of advanced assistive tech

Recently, we partnered with the Hay Festival to present a talk between Stephen Fry and Peter Scott-Morgan, who describes himself as the world’s first genuine cyborg. Steve Tyler looks at what these advancements in technology could mean for disabled...