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Podcast: The future of assistive technology

What does the future hold for assistive technology? We hear how it’s changing the way we live our lives. Nick Bishop chats to Leonard Cheshire Director of Assistive Technology Steve Tyler, who works with tech companies Google and Amazon to make their...

Colin's journey to #ActuallyICan

Colin's disability has never got in the way of his love of music. He told us how he uses the skills he's learnt from our Go Digital programme to inspire other disabled people.

Vanessa's journey to education

Vanessa is part of our Girls Education Challenge in Kenya. She tells us about her experience of education and the difference a hearing aid made.

Staying connected

Neil tells us about how he's been able to stay connected during the pandemic thanks to our Discover IT @ Home programme.

Everyday moments of joy

In these difficult times, we all feel a little bit uncertain about what the future may bring. But making sure we have small things to look forward to from day to day can make all the difference. Find out what the staff in our care homes have been...