A boy laughs while playing a game at one of the Leonard Cheshire services

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Many young disabled people are working hard to achieve their dreams.

With your support, they can be unstoppable.

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Girl playing sports with people cheering around her
A woman and man looking at a laptop and chatting

Your £10 donation

By donating £10, you could help with the cost of training qualifications so a young disabled person can gain the skills they need to enter the workforce. 

Vanessa sits with school friends

Your £20 donation

By donating £20, you could help make a school more accessible for disabled children by building ramps, adapting toilets or providing accessible learning materials.

Karina. Gareth, and Steve using computers at the STARS Community Centre

Your £30 donation

By donating £30, you could help provide a disabled person with an adapted laptop, so they can be fully independent with doing everyday things like online shopping and applying for jobs online.