A group of young people standing on a bridge about to drop sticks

About us

For more than 70 years, we have been supporting disabled people. In the UK and around the world, we work with partners to open doors to opportunity. We also work hard to break down barriers that deny disabled people their basic rights.

Silvija, a volunteer, with Lynn, a day centre user doing an arts and crafts activity

How we make a difference

Our work has global and national impact for individuals and organisations. Through our aims and actions, we believe a fair and inclusive world for everyone is possible.

Staff member holding a table tennis bat and balloon next to a resident laughing

Our people

We have 6,000 staff and 6,500 volunteers supporting more than 30,000 people. Find out more about the people who work for and support us.

Close up of a resident laughing at the camera

Our history

On 22 May 1948, former RAF pilot Leonard Cheshire took a dying man, who had nowhere else to go, into his home.

A resident and staff member in his bedroom using a tablet

Press and media

We work with journalists and media platforms to ensure that disability is represented in the news. 

Male resident laughing while holding a table tennis bat

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