Social care

Social care is a lifeline for disabled people across the UK.

What does good social care look like?

Good quality social care can bring opportunity and improve quality of life. And ranges from support with everyday tasks, to day centres and care homes.

We want to influence the UK government’s planned reforms of social care. To ensure disabled people can access affordable, high quality enabling support to live independently.

If you’d like to help us build a picture of what a ‘good’ social care system looks like, share your thoughts by emailing us at:

A campaigner holds a sign that reads 'Sort out social care because I want to get out and take part in my community'

What does social care mean to you?

Illustration of a carer and resident


“Good quality social care provides you with emotional and physical support to enable you to achieve all the things you want to do. It would enable me to get out of the house, being active and socialising would make me feel like part of society.”

Illustration of two people chatting


“For me social care is about support with reading letters, cooking, going out and shopping. For example, my shielding letter was sent to me in an inaccessible format, I have sight loss and needed someone to help me read it.”

Illustration of two people hugging


“Social care is provided to enable you to live life the best you can, your way. Good quality care is making sure that a person is listened to and that all aspects of life are considered.”