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Kristelle’s Story

Getting into employment in the Philippines was not an easy feat for Kristelle Gonzales. Previously she’d been judged for her physical appearance over her ability to succeed, as well as being bullied by her own colleagues. However, Kristelle has used...

Regina and George’s Story

Regina Mwangi goes to one of the best universities in East and Central Africa, yet poor wheelchair access and a lack of appropriate facilities pose a threat to her education. Mandela George Gaya had to overcome the attitudes of some of his own family...

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca Nyirenda lives in Zambia where she loves going to school. However, a lack of appropriate transport means she can only go three times a week. Her father knows how intelligent she is and wants her to be able to go to school every day; he thinks...

Maggie’s Story

Margaret Kangai has been raising her little girl in Kenya and feels proud of the job she’s done so far. However, during her pregnancy she had to overcome stigma from people in the community, as well as her own doctors, who thought someone with her...