Could you survive on a tenner?

Disabled people should not have to choose between heating or eating.

Over 600,000 disabled people have to live on £10 a week. Could you #SurviveOnATenner?

More to the point - do you want anyone to have to live on £10 a week? Our government can help people on the breadline now.

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Scott in front of a washing machine

We are Leonard Cheshire and we provide support to people with disabilities to live, learn and work as independently as they choose whatever their ability.

We offer a variety of services including residential and supported living, therapy suites, youth centres, social activities as well as training and volunteer programs.

We believe in building a fairer, more inclusive society. One that recognises the positive contributions we all make.

Rebecca with Jacob, a volunteer, at the Gloucestershire House fashion show


Explore the opportunity to live more independently, have new experiences, build your confidence and social group.

Find a care home

Supported Living

Chris, a resident at Gloucestershire House


Build your confidence through new skills or volunteering and get access to computers and adapted IT equipment.

Can Do programme

Digital Support

Sandra, a resident at Heatherley


Unlock potential. Get help with finding employment, writing your CV or accessing the latest technology.

Change 100 internships

Employment Support

"Getting involved with Leonard Cheshire was a game-changer. For years I thought I wouldn't find paid work that suited my campaigning skills because of my disability. But Leonard Cheshire gave me the chance to develop my skills and build my experience."

Joshua Reeves, Campaigns Support Officer (Wales)

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Josh, a speaker giving a presentation about Disability Hate Crime

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"I feel like I’m spiralling out of control in costs. It increases my worries in this cost of living crisis. I’m scratching around for everything - it makes me feel like a scavenger. I’m trying to keep cool about it, but living standards are dropping off the edge of the cliff."

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