Demand urgent funding and reform of social care

"I have a progressive condition which means that I will become less independent over time. In terms of my social care, I get the bare minimum of what is available to support me with everyday life."

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Resident at Arnold House in Kitchen

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We have around 130 services across the UK. Providing the best possible care to the people who live in our services is always our priority.

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We know this is a worrying time for everyone. The safety and wellbeing of people we support, our staff and volunteers, is our priority.

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Our work is helping disabled people to live, learn and earn as independently as they choose across the globe.

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Podcast: From retail to record label

When Grace Capaldi realised that mainstream employment wasn’t for her, she came up with a radical solution: to run a record label full time and found a recording studio. Here she tells us about that journey to being her own boss, and why the unusual schedules of the music world suit her so well.


The possibilities of advanced assistive tech

Recently, we partnered with the Hay Festival to present a talk between Stephen Fry and Peter Scott-Morgan, who describes himself as the world’s first genuine cyborg. Steve Tyler looks at what these advancements in technology could mean for disabled people.