Our international coronavirus policy

How we are supporting people with disabilities internationally during the coronavirus outbreak.

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We want to understand how coronavirus, and the measures in place to tackle and prevent the spread of the virus, are impacting on the lives of people with disabilities internationally.

Tell us about your experiences by taking the survey and help shape our work in response to coronavirus.

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We believe in a fair and inclusive world, where everyone can live, learn and work as they choose.

With over 70 years’ experience of supporting persons with disabilities across the globe, we are a leading voice on inclusive development.

Our international operation works out of four regional hubs in Kenya, Zambia, Thailand, and India.

This page details our policy work in response to coronavirus, to ensure the needs of people with disabilities are considered and met during the current crisis.

Impact of COVID-19 on lives the people with disabilities

Our i2i programme supported disabled person's organisations (DPO) to complete a survey of 312 people with disabilities in Bangladesh and Kenya to understand the impact of coronavirus and measures to prevent its spread.

i2i Disability and COVID-19 Influencer Pack

The i2i Disability and COVID-19 Influencer Pack explores the impact of measures to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic on people with disabilities.

The information can be used to guide anyone who wants to influence decisions that affect the lives of people with disabilities in preparation for or response to a pandemic.

Research briefing on the Impact of the Ebola epidemic

As government’s prepare their COVID-19 responses around the world, our research team have produced an evidence briefing in order to highlight recommendations that can help ensure people with disabilities are not left behind as part of these responses.

The briefing includes essential research that was carried out in Liberia following the Ebola crisis to compare living standards between disabled and non-disabled people, providing a snapshot of the barriers, stigma and challenges people with disabilities will likely face following coronavirus.

A resource pack for parents and caregivers

The coronavirus outbreak has had an impact on how people live their lives in every country around the world. In this context, it is very important that the specific needs of children with disabilities are taken into account.

This resource pack provides advice and guidance for parents and caregivers on how best to protect and support their children with disabilities during the pandemic.