Our coronavirus policy work in the UK

How we're continuing to support disabled people in the UK during the coronavirus crisis.

We support individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose. As well as providing social care, including supported living and registered care homes, we deliver skills training programmes and advice.

Drawing on the experiences of disabled people, our policy work aims to break down barriers, such as accessing employment, benefits and social care. This page details our policy work in response to coronavirus, to ensure disabled people’s needs are considered and met during the current crisis. 

Plan for jobs

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge effect on the lives of people across the UK. It has threatened jobs, changed the way people work, and had a significant effect on the UK economy.

In particular, disabled people have been severely impacted by coronavirus, with many people now at risk of losing their jobs. This is why we've created a ‘Plan for Jobs’ for disabled people.

Building on the experiences of over 1,100 disabled people, alongside employers and our staff running employment programmes, it sets out key policy recommendations to ensure disabled people have the support they need to access and retain high quality, sustainable work.

The government needs to act now to create a disability inclusive economic recovery.

Social care

The social care sector plays a vital role in supporting disabled people through a range of services. These include day support, supported living, and care homes. The sector is needed more than ever to continue to support those that need it during the coronavirus crisis. 

Our policy briefing outlines our recommendations for how to best support disabled people and staff in the social care sector.

Employment and benefits

As part of the Disability Benefits Consortium we’ve joined over 100 disability groups in calling for a comprehensive package of support for disabled people and those with long-term health conditions.

Our international coronavirus policy

How we are supporting people with disabilities internationally during the coronavirus outbreak.

Read our international coronavirus

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