Advice about visiting our services

We know this is a worrying time for everyone. The safety and wellbeing of people we support, our staff and volunteers, is our priority.

Infection rates across the UK continue to go up and down. Each country has a different approach and timescales to lockdowns and restrictions. We are working hard to ensure we follow the guidance as it affects each service.

We know that visits mean a great deal to the people we support and their relatives. Not having these visits was difficult for everyone.

In most cases, we are still restricting visits to outdoor ones. We are working hard to introduce indoor visits as soon as we can but have to manage these carefully. This means getting new equipment for many of our services. It means writing guidance on visits for these times and new training for our staff. It also means working with our residents and their families on the visits.

We will work with local health protection agencies to get the right safety measures in place. This may mean we have to suspend all visits if cases in communities are high. We will contact you if this happens, or if there is an outbreak in a service.

What needs to happen before I can visit a service?

Before a service will allow any visitors, certain things have to happen:

  • All staff, residents and volunteers at the service have to be symptom-free for at least 28 days.
  • The rate of infection in the local community must not be too high to threaten the safety of our customers, staff or volunteers.

We are contacting residents and families about our plans for visits.

Thank you for your patience and support.