The Hydrotherapy pool at Seven Springs, Tunbridge Wells

Seven Springs hydrotherapy pool appeal

We are raising funds to refurbish the activities area and hydrotherapy pool at Seven Springs.

For many people living with a disability in the UK, hydrotherapy can be essential. It can help to maintain the best quality of life for the longest time possible.

However, NHS-funded hydrotherapy is available it is often restricted to patients whose improvements can be demonstrably measured — like having a broken leg.

With such a lack of provision on the NHS, some families are being forced to travel long distances and pay over £75 per visit to a hydrotherapy pool.

In September 2018, the hydrotherapy pool at Seven Springs was closed. This meant residents and members of the public, including Mother and Toddler groups and the NHS, no longer had access to a pool.

Help us refurbish the Seven Springs hydrotherapy pool

We want to ensure our residents and the local community have the opportunity to benefit from the pool.

Hydrotherapy Appeal


We need your support to make this happen

Meet Lorraine

Due to her condition, Lorraine has difficulty moving her arms and legs, but has some mobility in her hands. 

With support from a physiotherapist, Lorraine started attending hydrotherapy sessions once a week. She started to notice a lot of benefits. These included improved circulation, increased range of movement, relaxation and the opportunity to stand up again.

Since the pool’s closure, many residents like Lorraine no longer have the opportunity to have hydrotherapy locally.

Lorraine reading a book at her desk