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Matching the best diverse talent with progressive employers. Improve your organisation and kickstart the careers of ambitious disabled university students and graduates.

What is Change 100?  

Whatever your company size or sector,  Change 100 allows you access to a unique candidate you might never have reached otherwise.   

Change 100 is an award winning internship programme of paid summer work placements and mentoring for disabled students and recent graduates. 

 Change 100 interns have already made their mark with over 160 leading employers across the UK and we are currently looking for employers to join us for 2021.  

Over the past 6 years:

  • 95% of employers agreed their Change 100 intern had a positive impact on their organisation.
  • 92% of employers agreed that goodwill with staff improved as a result of increasing disability awareness and confidence.

The support provided is excellent and makes it really straight forward for busy hiring managers to buy into the process. The quality of candidates is always high.


Why get involved?  

As a Change 100 partner you will receive:  

  • An outstanding intern selected through a rigorous but inclusive process managed by the Change 100 team and participating employers.
  • A disability and employment training session and bespoke intern briefing for all staff involved in the programme.
  • Ongoing support throughout the three month internship period. 
  • Development opportunities for your staff.
  • Networking opportunities with other Change 100 employers.
  • Promotion in all of our marketing activity to students at campuses across the UK and to other organisations we approach giving you access to a wider pool of talent.

Find out more

If you would like to speak to one of the Change 100 team, contact Chris or Julia on 020 3242 0419 or email

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For more detail on Change 100, download our brochure and 5 year impact report:

Change 100 partners AngloAmerican, Auto Trader, BBC Studios, BMW, IHG, The National Gallery, Heathrow, NHS England, Skanska
Some of our previous Change 100 partners

Change 100 and coronavirus

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we are committed to still delivering our Change 100 programme for the coming year. We’re proud to say that during the early stages of the pandemic, we quickly adapted and innovated Change 100 to function digitally. 

We supported employers to offer home-based internships and delivered our pre-placement training sessions online. Over the seven years that we have run Change 100, home-based working has been a growing feature, largely driven by our interns as a result of their disability or long-term condition, as well as the evolving needs of employers.  
Whilst we hope placements will be offered in-person for the coming year, we are continually monitoring the situation and preparing for all eventualities. As part of that, we will endeavour to keep all our candidates and employer partners updated as regularly as possible. 
We are excited to launch our 2021 programme as our biggest and best yet and look forward to welcoming you on to Change 100. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Change 100 team at