Booking terms and conditions

All bookings will be on these terms and conditions together with any other terms and information set out in our brochure, literature, website or as expressly and specifically promised to you or agreed by us with you.  

Booking procedure and payment

To make a provisional booking, please call our Reservations team on: 01485 543000. We will then need you to complete and return the Reservation Form to us, and that will be your firm offer to book.

You will need to pay us a deposit of £100 per person, per week of your proposed stay at least 8 weeks before your stay. The full balance of the charges for your stay will also be payable in full 8 weeks prior to the start of your stay. We will not issue any receipt for any payment unless you specifically ask us to do so.

Unless for any reason we decline to accept your booking once we have received your completed Reservation Form, we will then provisionally reserve your room/s and process your booking as soon as possible. If we then send you a booking confirmation letter (“confirmation”) and we have received your deposit, there will then be a binding agreement between you and us (a “firm booking”).

If we have not received your deposit when we send you the confirmation, there will only later be a firm booking if and when at least 8 weeks prior to the start of your stay, we also receive your deposit. If we do not have your deposit on time or at all, neither of us will need to contact the other or will have any liability to pay anything to the other. However, if you send your deposit late, we will return it to you.

The total of the deposit paid/payable together with the balance will be the total charges for your accommodation, meals, and any care booked. Details of all these amounts will be set out clearly in the confirmation. These amounts for guest and carer accommodation and meals are per person, per week and they will be in accordance with our published rates as shown in the Tariff Card with our brochure or on our website. Those prices do not include costs for any transport (to or from the hotel or during your stay) or care or other services, facilities unless specifically mentioned as included in our published information – if you require any other services or facilities and we are able to offer them, we will quote additional prices for them to you separately.

The person who agrees to pay for the stay will be liable for all charges (including any cancellation charges or compensation).

Cancellation of a firm booking by you

We will only consider a written notification (letter, fax or email) to be a cancellation of a firm booking if it is from the person who signed the Reservation Form, and it will only be effective if and when actually received by us (even if previously notified in person or by telephone by anyone).

  • A) If you cancel a firm booking at least 8 weeks prior to the start of your stay, we will return your deposit and any balance you have paid less a cancellation charge of £20 per person; or
  • B) If you cancel a firm booking after that 8 week deadline, we will be entitled to claim from you as compensation all of the deposit and the balance (and if received, to retain it), but our claim will be reduced as follows. If we are reasonably able to let your room to someone else for all or part of the stay which you booked, we will reduce our total claim against you by the amount the other person pays to us for the room, and we will refund you any such amount as is necessary for that purpose.

Once there is a firm booking, but you then wish to transfer to a different holiday or change the name in which the booking has been made, this will be in our discretion but we will endeavour to make such changes. If you and we agree to any such changes that will be a cancellation of the firm booking by you (and “(b)” above will apply), and it will be replaced by any new arrangements agreed.

Cancellations of a firm booking by us

Any cancellation or curtailment by us, as follows, will be in writing.

If you do not pay the balance in full either on time or you pay it late, we may cancel your booking, in which case we will be entitled to the same amount of compensation as calculated at “(B)” above.

If for reasons beyond our reasonable control we are unable to provide the stay as booked and we notify you about that promptly, we will be entitled to cancel your stay at any time after you book or to curtail your stay after you have arrived, and we will not have any liability to you but we will refund you with all monies paid. If you prefer, you may then request an alternative holiday arrangement of comparable standard at the hotel, and if it is available we will offer it to you; if you accept it and the price of the alternative arrangement is less, we will allow you the difference, but if you do not accept it we will give you a full refund.

If there is a marked or rapid deterioration in your condition after you book or during your stay, or if you or your carer persistently display threatening, abusive or disruptive behaviour during your stay, or you engage in any alcohol or drug abuse, such that in any of these cases it is impracticable for us to permit you to stay or to continue your stay, we will be entitled to cancel or curtail your stay. In that case cancellation or curtailment will be of immediate effect (unless we can reasonably give you any advance notice), we will not be liable to you but you will remain liable to us for full payment but we will refund to you an amount which is reasonable having regard to all the circumstances.

Late bookings

We may in our discretion accept bookings made less than 8 weeks before your stay. If we decide to accept such a booking, it will only become a firm booking once we have received payment of the total charges for your stay as set out in our confirmation to you.


All prices shown in our brochure/website for guest and carer accommodation are per person, per week. Prior to your arrival, your care needs will be discussed and a suitable care plan arranged. The charges for the appropriate care package have to be paid for at the same time as the accommodation charges. If at any time during your stay your needs are different from those for which arrangements were made prior to your arrival, we will make adjustments to your account after consultation with you.


We provide an optional programme of entertainment and varied activities. We will always consider requests but do not guarantee to provide them.


We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of all information which we provide to you about our facilities, services, entertainment activities and other details (whether in our promotional literature, on our website, or in our communications with you.

We will use all reasonable endeavours both to ensure that our facilities, services, entertainment, and activities are in accordance with your booking, and to ensure that we provide them to a reasonable standard.

We nevertheless reserve the right to make minor changes both before and after you make your booking where we reasonably decide that we need to make them, and we will advise you of them in writing as soon as practicable.

If any change that we need to make is significant, however, we will identify it and advise you of it in writing as soon as possible. You may then choose one of the following. You may:

  • Accept the changes; or
  • Accept an alternative holiday arrangement that we offer together with any difference in price, be it higher or lower; or
  • Cancel all of your arrangements with us without charge and receive a full refund of any payment/s you have made to us


If for any reason we do not provide something in accordance with your booking or we make any minor changes, and in either such case that does not materially lessen the enjoyment of the stay as booked, we will not be liable for any compensation. However, if anything does materially lessen the enjoyment of the stay, then, unless we properly cancelled or curtailed your stay and as a consequence made any payment becoming due to you under these terms and conditions, and provided that you have notified us with details within a reasonable time, we will pay you such an amount of compensation as is reasonable.


If you have any complaint or concern during your stay, you should make them known to our staff (including our hotel manager) at the hotel, and we will do everything reasonably possible to resolve the matter. If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, please write to:

Nicola Wright, PA to the Regional Director, Leonard Cheshire, 18 Friary Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1LE within 28 days after your stay.


Any valuables should be placed in our safe. You will be issued with a receipt for any valuables kept in the safe.


We strongly recommend that you and any carer take out travel/holiday insurance of a type which, amongst other things, insures you against your liability to us if you or we cancel a firm booking for any reason, or if there is any curtailment or other incident which affects your stay. If you wish to insure, you can use any insurance company of your choice. While we do not recommend any specific insurer, we do hold details of some insurers should you wish to obtain their contact details from us.