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Our Disability Equality Training workshops provide the tools your business needs to be more inclusive. The interactive sessions are suitable for people at all levels and delivered by expert trainers in your own workplace.

I really enjoyed the course. Found it easy for the information to stick as it was real and thought-provoking

Islington Council

20% of the UK population have a disability or long term health condition. It makes business-sense to have an accessible and inclusive organisation and workforce, which will appeal to millions of potential customers.

After attending the workshop, you will:

  • Understand how to overcome customer service barriers faced by disabled people
  • Understand the business case for employing disabled people
  • Know how to ensure the workplace is accessible and inclusive
  • Understand your responsibility as an employer under the Equality Act
  • Be confident putting the theory into practice

Workshop overview

The one-day workshop runs from 9:30am to 4pm, including breaks. We can tailor the agenda to suit your needs but generally we cover:

Session 1 — Thinking about disability
The aim of this session is to introduce delegates to the basics of the legal framework and some of the broader issues and themes to consider when thinking and talking about disability and disabled people. These include how disability is defined and measured, how attitudes towards disability have changed over time, and how language and societal attitudes and stereotypes create barriers to inclusion for disabled people.

Session 2 — Barriers and inclusion
This session demonstrates the extent to which disabled people are marginalised and discriminated against. The two interactive activities and powerful film uncover how disabled people experience society, what barriers they face and how they can be overcome.

Session 3 — Putting theory into practice
The delegates will discuss how businesses can communicate and engage with disabled customers more effectively, uncover the business case for employing disabled people and the practical support and adjustments that can be made in the workplace to make it more accessible.

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