Supported living

We offer supported living options for people with varying abilities to live wherever and however they choose. Our services support people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, sensory impairments and learning disabilities to live independently in their own home. 

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Finding the right home

Thanks to our reliable and safe support, many people in the UK are able to live independently in their own homes, get more out of life, learn new skills, reach their potential and actively engage in their community. 

We work together with a number of housing associations across the UK offering a range of properties specially designed to meet individual needs. Many properties are purpose-built or adapted to include personalised assistive technology that helps people to live as independently as possible.

We provide care and support to people who may have recently acquired a disability or who want to move from nursing or residential accommodation to find the right home in the right place that meets their needs and allows them more independence.

We provide a range of support including help with understanding tenancy agreements, paying rent, household bills as well as help with personal care tasks. Supported Living is an ideal option for people with personal budgets, direct payments or those who self-fund. 

Getting the right support

We understand that getting the right care and support is just as important as finding the right property. We champion choice and encourage people to be in control of their journey towards greater independence.

We provide user-led, flexible packages of support for people to lead active and independent lives with a focus on activities which promote skills building and achieving goals. This can include 24 hour on-site support or daily support based on assessed needs.

Our friendly and professional staff teams offer individually tailored programmes designed to increase self-esteem and inspire confidence, health and wellbeing and quality of life.