Staying connected

Neil tells us about how he's been able to stay connected during the pandemic thanks to our Discover IT @ Home programme.

A man sitting at a table in front of an iPad

Neil is recovering from a stroke and has Cerebral Palsy, which affects his mobility and speech. He feels this makes communicating with others difficult. During this period of isolation, he is finding it even harder to keep in touch with loved ones.

Our Discover IT @ Home programme gave Neil an iPad, which allows him to keep active with online exercises and easily keep in touch with friends and family. Neil’s learnt how to use the accessibility features, as well as an app, which gives people with unclear or no speech another way to chat with others.

Neil said: “This has had a massive impact on me and is helping my recovery. I’m learning to send emails and using the iPad to communicate.”

We need your support

Without access to this type of technology, Neil would be isolated from loved ones and would face a slower recovery.

Now, more than ever, we need your support to ensure disabled people can stay healthy and live as independently as they choose.

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