Everyday moments of joy

In these difficult times, we all feel a little bit uncertain about what the future may bring. But making sure we have small things to look forward to from day to day can make all the difference.

Find out what the staff in our care homes have been doing to keep everyone busy. From planning activities to making sure our residents don’t lose touch with their loved ones.

Maintaining relationships with friends

Michelle, who lives at St Bridget’s in West Sussex, recently celebrated her birthday with friend Annie over Skype.

Michelle said: “Annie and I used to live together before I moved here, so it was a lovely surprise to be able to catch up on my birthday with her.

"Being able to see and talk to Annie on Skype was amazing. We caught up for an hour and a half.”

A woman in her wheelchair sitting in front of her iPad

Keeping active

Llanhennock lodge in South Wales held a physical activity morning with a giant football, parachute and balloons.

Resident Michael had a great time playing ball and said:

“It was good fun, I used my arm and leg to hit the ball, and everyone had a go.”

Man sitting in a wheelchair kicking a blow up football

Keeping in touch with family

Paul, who lives at Agate house near Milton Keynes, has also been keeping in touch with his loved ones via Skype. Paul said:

“It means so much to stay in touch with my family during this difficult time. I miss them so much.”

A man in his wheelchair in front of an iPad with skype on

Making time for nature in the garden

Lots of our residents have also been getting outdoors and keeping themselves busy in the garden. Kevin lives at The Grove in Norwich and says: “I enjoy gardening and fishing. I have many garden projects on the go.”

And Rachel, who lives at Atkinson Road in Dumfries, told us: “I like gardening and making my garden nice. It’s even better when the weather is so nice!”

A man in his wheelchair holding a saw and cutting wood in the garden
A women in a wheelchair next to a flower pot gardening

We need your support

We wanted to share a few everyday moments of joy from our homes. These are the kinds of things that your support can help make happen.

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