The language of respect quiz

Our quick quiz will help your group to understand preferred terms around disability and the reasons for these.

The use of disabilist language is a major form of bullying. It can contribute to poor self esteem and mental well being for disabled people.

Many children and young people are unaware of the meaning and impact of some of the language they use for disabled people.

This activity will challenge their own beliefs and equip them with the knowledge to challenge disabilist language when they hear it.

What your group will gain

This activity will help young people to learn respectful language about disability. They will understand the power of respectful language and the impact of negative language.

This will also help young people to gain some of the tools needed to challenge the disablist attitudes of others.

The activity can also be used to introduce the Social Model of Disability.

Time and materials needed

Time: 25 minutes


  • 1 x answer sheet. (provided)
  • Copies of the Language of Respect game sheet for each participant. (provided)
  • Prizes for the winner(s) (optional)