Inclusive games pack

Our eight fun games cover a range of issues — from communication and inclusion to adaptations.

Introduce your group or class to inclusion through fun games.

These will explore exclusion, non-verbal communication, and making everyday games inclusive.

The games can be used for a range of badges and curriculum areas.

What your group will gain

Your group will gain a better understanding of disability and how to include everyone through inclusive activities and games.

Time and materials needed


  • Preparation and planning: 20 minutes.
  • Games: 10 - 20 minutes each.

Materials: Inclusive games (provided)

Game options

  • Invisible clay (non-verbal communication)

  • Balloon volleyball (adapted inclusive game)

  • Emoji charades (non-verbal communication)

  • The tight hands game (understanding exclusion)

  • What’s going on? (understanding different needs)

  • Reverse musical chairs (inclusion instead of exclusion)

  • Silent line up game (non-verbal communication)

  • The exclusion sticker game (understanding exclusion)