Community access surveys

Our survey packs will give you everything your group will need to improve access in your local community.

Disabled people often have difficulties with things like going shopping, visiting the cinema, using the bank and post office and even playing in their local playground.

This is because these facilities and services haven't been designed or provided in an accessible way. Our resource contains instructions, survey templates, letter templates and tips for businesses.

What your group will gain

Our community access surveys will help to improve access in your local community. For disabled people this can reduce isolation. Young people will gain audit skills and learn about different access requirements.

Your group will also have a better understanding of reasonable adjustments. They will then use this knowledge to give advice and improve their influencing skills.

Time and materials needed

Time: 1+ hour


  • Access surveys (provided)

  • Cameras/smart phones (to show areas of poor access and to document your access survey)

  • Clip board and pen

  • Reasonable adjustment tips for businesses (provided)

  • Template letter for good access and template letter for bad access (provided)