The difference a legacy makes

A gift in your will has the power to totally transform life for a disabled person. Someone like Laura, whose dream to walk again has come true. Now she can live independently – all thanks to a legacy we received from supporter David Jones. You too can make something wonderful happen in your name.

From care home to independent living

Laura moved into our care home in Dan y Bryn, near Cardiff, in 2015, after her mobility had seriously deteriorated. The move was difficult for Laura at first – a fiercely independent young woman, she had always managed to find her own way of doing things.

A short while before Laura moved in, Dan y Bryn had received a legacy gift from a local man, David Jones. David had chosen to remember Leonard Cheshire in his will, and with his gift Dan y Bryn was able to buy a specialist exercise bike.

When she discovered the bike, Laura was absolutely delighted. Over the following months and years, she began to realise her dream of being able to walk again:

“Strengthening my legs and arms is a big start in me being on my own two feet.”

In fact, David’s legacy truly changed how Laura can live her life. In May 2017, she had built up enough strength to be able to move into her own home. When we spoke to her recently she couldn’t have sounded happier:

“I love having my own home and my own space – it’s really important to me.” 

David’s legacy has transformed Laura’s life, giving her the ability to live independently. You too can make something wonderful happen in your name, by leaving a gift in your will to Leonard Cheshire.

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