Funeral donations

Collect donations at a funeral or memorial service to remember your loved one with family and friends.

Celebrate a life

Collecting donations at a funeral or memorial service, perhaps instead of flowers, is a very special way to celebrate the life of your loved one.

For every collection that reaches £500 we will plant a rose in memory at one of our services.

We recognise that funerals are a difficult time and really appreciate your kindness in thinking of us. Clare Norman, our Gifts in memory officer, is here to support you with your funeral collection.

  • To answer your questions
  • For leaflets about our work to give to family and friends at the service
  • To make a donation by phone

Either telephone Clare on 020 3242 0418 or email

Please make your cheques payable to Leonard Cheshire Disability and send them to

Clare Norman
Gifts in memory officer
Leonard Cheshire
66 South Lambeth Road

And tell Clare the name of the person being remembered and their relationship to you.

Clare Norman, Leonard Cheshire's in-memory officer

Donate Online

You can also make your donation online:

Donate now

Donations in memory celebrate lives and create a world of possibility for disabled people.

Two people, a man and a woman, plant a rose in memory of Kay

Remembering Kay

“Our family wanted to do something to celebrate Kay’s life and say thank you to DASH”

Lisette Comerford

Remembering Lisette

“Leonard Cheshire meant so much to her and I thought this would be a fitting tribute to the endless hours she gave to Chipstead Lake.”

Rose planted at Sobell Lodge in-memory of Stephanie

Remembering Stephanie

“I’m glad I can give something back to the home and staff because they did an amazing job caring for my sister.”

Diane and Nick

Remembering Valerie

“Valerie had a passion for running and we know she would be so proud of us both for working towards our 100th marathon.”