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Whether you’re a small and medium enterprise or a large corporation, we would love to work with you.

We work with companies in a variety of ways and in diverse industries. We will work with you to understand your objectives and develop a partnership that helps you achieve these. We have highlighted some ways we could work together but would also love to hear your ideas and build a partnership tailored to your own needs.

Partner with a leading organisation dedicated to supporting people with disabilities.

We work worldwide to support people with disabilities into education and employment. With a network of over 200 Leonard Cheshire Global Alliance members across 54 countries, we are one of the world’s largest organisations dedicated to supporting people with disabilities.

Our 7,500 staff and 6,500 volunteers support more than 30,000 disabled people around the world to fulfil their potential every year. Leading by example, we do everything humanly possible to empower people to live their lives as freely and as fully as they choose.

Become a champion of workplace inclusivity and accessibility

We’re passionate about improving inclusivity and accessibility in the workplace and it plays an important role in all of our partnerships.

That’s why we make sure that our partners are well equipped with information and resources on disability in the workplace. We can advise on things like reasonable adjustments, how to challenge attitudes towards disability and increase understanding of challenges faced by disabled employees. As our partner, we will support you to become a more inclusive and accessible business.

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Empowering disabled people to enter the workplace

There are 11 million disabled people in the UK, but access to equal opportunity in the workplace a big issue. Unfortunately, many talented people are prevented from achieving their potential because of the barriers in place in our society. We want to change that. By partnering with us, we can support you to empower disabled people and break down potential barriers to entry into meaningful work.

A partnership tailored to your business needs

Our experienced corporate team is here to help design a partnership that matches your needs with ours to bring about lasting change together. We will listen to you and help plan and deliver a successful partnership that meets your CSR goals. Your dedicated account manager will advise on exciting staff engagement activities, meaningful volunteering opportunities and creative ways to work with us that are aligned with your corporate values and goals.


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