Campaign successes

15-minute care visits

We have been making a lot of noise about the scandal of 15-minute care visits recently, telling the government to promise to stop disabled people facing the impossible choices that come from ‘flying’ home care visits.

With over 5,000 people supporting us to put an end to 15-minute care visits, we’ve got the government to promise to:

  • produce some rules that councils have to follow that makes it really clear when these flying 15-minute care visits are wrong
  • give the care watchdog powers to look at the issue of short visits, to make sure people are getting the support that they need

But we still have a long way to go. We will continue to push this issue until we feel disabled people are getting the care they need. We want to see more promises from the government to:

  • check how many of these visits councils are buying
  • ask everyone getting care if their care visits are long enough

You can help us to get the government to listen by joining our campaigner network now.

Mobilise for DLA

We successfully forced the government to scrap plans to end the mobility part of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people in residential care.

DLA is a lifeline that many disabled people depend on to do things that others take for granted – like driving to work, visiting friends or taking their children to school.

Leonard Cheshire Disability campaigners, along with Mencap, collected over 7,000 petition signatures to show the government how important this allowance was to disabled people. As a result of all the hard work from campaigners, the government listened, and scrapped the plans.

Crossing Success in Cheltenham

Until this year, people living at Gloucestershire House in Cheltenham couldn’t cross the road outside their home at all. Busy traffic and unsafe pavements meant that getting out and about was really difficult.

But thanks to five years of dedication and perseverance from the campaign group, working with everyone from the local highways agency to the police, the stretch of road is now almost unrecognisable. Pavements have been widened, kerbs have been dropped, and the bus stop has been moved. The cherry on the cake is that there is now a brand new pedestrian crossing too!

Making Letchworth rail station more accessible

Campaigners in Hertfordshire worked with local MP Oliver Heald to push Network Rail to make Letchworth train station more accessible. Campaigners from Leonard Cheshire Disability held a protest outside the station calling for lifts to the platforms to be reinstalled.

In June 2013, Network Rail announced that work to install the new lifts would begin in September.

Access all areas – Bromley South

The campaign group at Leonard Cheshire Disability’s St Cecelia’s service in Bromley successfully fought to get their local train station made wheelchair accessible.

The group used social media to tell people about the campaign, set up an online petition and held a ‘day of action’ at Bromley South station.

After a huge response to the campaign it was announced that the station would be made accessible, not just for wheelchair users but for the whole community.

Accessible pathway for beauty spot near Inverness

The Cheshire House Musketeers, who are based at Leonard Cheshire Disability’s service in Inverness, campaigned to make sure disabled people could view the dolphins at Chanonry Point.

Before the campaign, people using wheelchairs were unable to go down the narrow sand path leading to the prime viewing point.

Campaigners worked with environmental agencies and the local council over two years to convince them to put in a new walkway.