Social action

Social action volunteering is all about choosing what works for you or your group.

We have lots of short and flexible actions you can take as well as longer term actions — from simply sharing a message through to face to face volunteering.

Send a card, postcard, or message to our services

Could you make someone’s day? We’re asking people to send a message to our services to help the people who live there to feel more connected. We can’t guarantee a response, but do add your address if you would like one. Find your closest service

Here are some ideas about what to write

A woman posting a letter in a red letter box

If you have a few minutes

In isolation and want to volunteer?

Our guide gives you an example of a 12-week plan for different volunteering activities you can do from your own home.

Download Guide to volunteering from home – in isolation (PDF — 155KB)

Steve, a resident at Gloucestershire House, with Samantha, a volunteer

If you have a few hours

If you have a few days or more

Any questions?

If you have any questions or want to get in touch then email Jocelyn on

Contact Jocelyn

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