Discover IT

Discover I.T. - empowering you to discover your online potentialDiscover IT is an innovative programme that gives disabled adults access to computers to develop their skills and interests.

The programme works in three areas:

  • supporting a network of accessible IT centres around the UK (see below)
  • supporting our care and support services to update their IT equipment
  • Discover IT @Home — a scheme which offers disabled people an opportunity to access IT equipment and specialist adaptations within their homes

Over the past seven years, Discover IT has supported over 7,000 people through our IT centres, 800 people in who use our services, and 680 through Discover IT @Home

Discover IT centres

Each centre has its own unique feel. They range in size from a suite of three computers up to larger facilities with more than 10 machines. They all have adaptations to make the computers accessible to disabled people and helpful advice is on hand when it's needed.

In general, a Discover IT suite will consist of high-specification computers, each with a flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse. Additional accessible items could include a large monitor, speech-input software and speech-output software, together with a coloured keyboard for visually-impaired people. Additional input devices will include a roller ball mouse, a joystick mouse, a gel-pad keyboard and mouse rests. Other accessories, such as digital cameras and projectors, are added as necessary.

Each centre has their own registration processes or eligibility criteria. To find out more, please find the Discover IT centre nearest you:

Advance Learning Zone

The Advance Learning Zone online platform contains resources in English, maths and employability, and is supported by an assessment that identifies the user’s level and assigns appropriate resources for the user to work through. The resources are web based and can be accessed any day and time from any computer with an internet connection — at home, college, Discover IT centre or at a work placement.

Advance: The no-limit learning zoneResources include:

  • Go Learn Maths
  • Go Learn English
  • Employability: Essential Work Skills
  • Go Learn ICT assessment

‘Advance Learning Zone has taught me new skills and made me more confident in IT.’

‘Now I have a lot more confidence and can do more on the computer.’

‘It helped me increase my confidence. It helped me gain new knowledge.’