What we hope the CQC social care report will do

Gemma Hope

The CQC’s latest report reveals a severe social care workforce crisis. Our Director of Policy Gemma Hope explains why we need a clear plan for social care reform from the government.

A carer supports one of our residents with muscle movement in her wrist

The impact of Covid-19 on the care sector

The pandemic stacked huge pressures on a social care staff, tirelessly supporting people during the darkest days of the pandemic. And recruitment and retention challenges have resulted in staff leaving the sector, with vacancies becoming increasingly more difficult to fill.

Staff shortages will have the deepest impact on the people who need it most and as Covid-19 continues to disrupt health services, social care staff are absolutely vital in ensuring disabled people have access to the care they need to live as independently as they choose. 

Why we need more social care funding

Additional short-term funding to boost the workforce is a welcome and necessary step, but it isn’t a silver bullet and can’t stop there. While much needed reform is underway, we urgently need to see clear plans from the government to create a fair and sustainable care system with just remuneration for staff so that the care sector can position itself as a more attractive and valued career pathway.

We hope that next week’s Autumn budget and spending review will offer some clarity on how these urgent reforms will be funded and delivered.