What it's like being part of the speaker network


Sabrina is part of our Speaker Network. She explains why she joined and why talking about disabilities is important.

My name is Sabrina. I’m 20 years old from Germany. Currently, I do a European Volunteering Service (EVS) at the Leonard Cheshire home Hydon Hill.

Before my EVS, I finished my A-level with the focus on biology and German. I’m an open-minded person and love to meet new people and try new things.

Being friendly, helpful and honestly is very important for me. In my free time, I like to read and to meet my friends. Furthermore, I’m working volunteering in a summer camp for children between 7 till 17 years.

Young woman wearing glasses

Why I decided to volunteer as a speaker

After 13 years of school, I decided to take part in the European Volunteering Service Project to help people and to find out more about myself. That’s how I landed in Hydon Hill, and I really do enjoy my work there.

Nevertheless, I wanted to do a bit more and help to let people know about Leonard Cheshire and the work. That’s why I decided to take the opportunity and become a speaker. I think it is essential to talk about disabilities and what Leonard Cheshire is doing.

I wanted to show how brilliant Hydon Hill is

I wanted to do more during my EVS. Being a speaker allowed me to help to increase the awareness of discrimination against disabled people. It also meant I could show that Hydon Hill is a great place and to let people see what Leonard Cheshire stands for.

I really enjoyed talking about Hydon Hill and the EVS project with the help of my own experiences. Also, it was great to talk about the facts and figures of disability. Many people don’t know, for example, that most disabilities are the result of an accident and not all disabled people are born with them. 

Why speaking about disability important to me

For me, it is vital to raise awareness of discrimination against disabilities. Many people don’t notice or understand much about disabilities. It is essential to talk about it and to show opportunities to help the people.

Furthermore, Leonard Cheshire is an excellent organisation for the care of disabled people, and I agree with their thinking about Disability Equality. I like to share my experience form my EVS project.

Helping to raise awareness and create change

I think to make it possible that many people hear and learn about disabilities, it is essential to have volunteers speaking about what Leonard Cheshire is doing and also what they actually stand for. It is vital to increase the awareness of discrimination to fight against it.

Being a speaker allows you to help to raise this awareness and maybe to change society. They help disabled people to stand up for their rights and to make people understand how much they can do if society would give them the opportunity. That’s why I think it is essential to talk about this subject.