Opportunity Suffolk helped me gain confidence


Gregor felt like his life was over after he was made redundant. Thanks to our Opportunity Suffolk programme, Gregor has managed to get himself a new job and is in a much better position.

Gregor sitting at a desk smiling

After redundancy, I was in a bad place. I don’t expect to have a job for life but finding myself out of work in my late fifties was tough. Too young to retire, too old to hire? I began to believe the worst.

I was diagnosed with depression and found myself on a downward spiral that was made worse by drinking. Coupled with arthritis, I felt physically and mentally beaten and couldn’t see a way out. 

Opportunity Suffolk was a lifeline

But I got myself together enough to begin a job search, and I was lucky enough to get some help. I started out with a work coach, and then, through them, I met Theresa who is the Employment Advisor at Opportunity Suffolk - a community partnership that can be a lifeline to job seekers.  

Despite emotions to the contrary when I was first told about it, I didn’t let my cynicism get the better of me and initially agreed to volunteer with Bury Rickshaw charity

I never dreamt how positive the experience would prove. Just getting out and about delivering prescriptions and organising food drops at the height of coronavirus in the Spring of 2020, proved a vital tonic.

Gaining confidence

I began to make connections, meet new people, and it gave me the motivation to move forward. A simple positive comment form Theresa about my CV was so crucial. 

You forget how the positives and gaining confidence through these small triggers are essential. Maybe I wasn’t unemployable after all!

Through Theresa and Opportunity Suffolk, I got an interview and was successful in applying for a Case Manager job with the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). Two months in and I love the job and feel like I’ve turned my life around. 

Companies are missing a trick

People with disabilities may need some help in gaining confidence, but I can assure you we’re great employees! Companies could be missing a trick dismissing us through long-held stigma, or unfounded fears.  

I’m living proof!