My top tips for a disabled person in their first job


Don't let your disability stop you from doing the things you can.

Amber has autism. She tells us about her work experience and what her top tips are to make your workplace inclusive.

Amber in Blackpool with Venture Arts visiting Grundy Art Gallery

Hello, my name is Amber, and I am going to tell you about a bit of the work experience I have had over the years.

My work experience

My first ever job I got was working in a primary school as a lunchtime organiser five days a week. I was also a carer looking after two children with profound disabilities, which I really enjoyed doing. I enjoyed doing both jobs as I felt like I was helping children, and it was interesting watching them develop and learn new things.

After doing lunchtime organising and doing care work, I was interviewed and got offered a job as a public engagement assistant at Venture Arts. This is an arts centre where people go and do a range of different arts such as photography, ceramics, textiles, 3d, animation and printmaking.

I enjoy my job as I get to do talks in front of people. I have my own Hello newsletter, which comes out every other month. I am the steering group chair and get to answer the phone on reception. 

Positives experiences in the workplace

The positive things that I have experienced in my workplace are:

  • There have always been supportive staff to support me in the workplace.
  • If I don’t understand the task, then someone will explain the task to me again, so I understand what I need to do.
  • I like to know what I am doing in the week so for the week I will get sent a schedule of the week.
  • Even if I might take time do something the staff are always patient as they know I’ll get there in the end.
  • The staff understand that I can only work a certain number of hours, so they support me not to go over the hours.
  • I get given lots of opportunities which really help me develop new skills.
Amber visiting a Venture Arts exhibition

Tips for an inclusive work environment

The positive thing that I have experienced with my work environment is that everyone knows me well at Venture Arts and knows my needs which really helps. It means I can complete tasks.


My five top tips to make the work environment inclusive would be:

  1. Give a person space if needed. Avoid a workspace that is too busy or noisy
  2. Don’t use Jargon and use simple language.
  3. A plan for the week might help.
  4. Treat a person equally like others
  5. Be positive of achievements.