My anxiety no longer limits me


Sam recently took part in a 10-week internship at Meridian Business Support as part of our Change 100 programme. He tells us why his experience has left him feeling hopeful about the future.

My name is Sam Jones, and I’m a twenty-year-old student from Trafford in Manchester. I currently live in student accommodation and am in the third year of a History degree at Manchester Metropolitan University

I have also been living with anxiety for some time, and the nature of my disability causes me to experience irrational thought, so the prospect of applying for Change 100 was initially quite daunting. But my sister had similar experiences and actually recommended the programme to me. 

So even though I was tempted not to go – as I worry about using public transport – it was worth the effort. I’m lucky to have her support.

That’s not to say the assessment wasn’t nerve-wracking! But I found the people were great; kind and the location was very easy for me to get to.

My specific needs were always considered

I felt they were always taking my anxiety into account as they helped me search for the right opportunity. My specific needs and fears were always considered. I give credit to Change 100 for sorting it out. My anxiety does not feel like a limitation now.

They found me the right intern match and got the job spec spot on. They also reassured me about travel, which was a big issue for me. I was able to negotiate a ten-week internship with Meridian Business Support in Manchester that helped me work around university commitments.

My role at Meridian Business Support

I love working for them and am still there in a part-time capacity. I work as part of a team of three: Richard is the HR advisor, I am the HR assistant, and my line manager is Sarah, who is head of HR. 

I assist them with some situational daily tasks, and other ongoing tasks which include the monitoring of the furlough situation – it’s obviously an important area right now.

Sarah discussed my contract with me, and what I’d like to get out of it. As I have an interest in marketing and creative thinking, I have been working closely with the marketing department. This is an area I’d like to pursue when I finish university.

I’m into my final year now, and thanks to this experience, I feel hopeful about the future.