Keeping connected

Jonathan Sim

This Wednesday, 14 October 2020, we will be having a presence at a special ‘Science Museum Lates’ event with our "Keeping Connected" message fitting perfectly with an over-arching Coronavirus theme.

Chris testing out a VR headset at Hill House

Keeping connected is exactly what many of our service users and people we support have been endeavouring to do to during the pandemic. 

The title of our space is ‘Keeping connected: alternative ways to keep communications alive in real life, not just during a global pandemic.

We will be demonstrating how innovative technology can be and visitors will be able to try the latest technology including the Fruit Ninja game – where eye tracking software Eye Gaze can be used to play a video game. We use this software to keep people connected and communicating.

Our Hill House home in Sandbach, Cheshire has been pioneering this and other tech solutions for some time now. Staff are equipped to help residents get the most out of the available tech that also includes a Grid 3 Smartbox, a communications tool that helps people share their voice, control their environment and live more independent lives.

David Hursthouse, our Assistive Technology Project Manager, sums up our commitment to researching, trialling and utilising appropriate technology to enable increased independence.

“Technology is such an important element of everyone’s lives. We’re living in a world that is becoming more and more reliant on digital platforms. And throughout the pandemic, many would say we’ve been more connected than ever. This connectivity is especially important for the people we support and was so long before the pandemic.

“At Hill House in Cheshire we’re working on a very exciting project. Over the course of three years we’re bringing new life changing technologies to residents. We’ll be introducing both specialist and commercially available accessible technology.

"Some of it you'd even find in your own home. But in a social care setting, the technology will be used to improve interaction between the residents and staff. And with each other too! This will not only transform the ‘care experience’ but enhance social inclusion opportunities at Hill House as well.”

The Science Museum event is a sell-out, but we’ll be reporting back on attendees reaction.