How to make the perfect hanging basket

Mark Lane

BBC Gardeners’ World and BBC Morning Live Mark Lane tells us why we shouldn't underestimate the joy of a hanging basket and how you can join his masterclass this Mother's day!

Mark Lane in his wheelchair next to a raised flower bed

It has been a strange time for us all, and I’m sure some of you have sought the comfort of your garden during lockdown. Whatever your patch, the rhythms of nature have proven to be a lasting reminder that life goes on when we are out of kilter.

Spring is a time when we naturally wake up to the notion of change and perhaps a potter round the garden or planting a new bloom or two that can brighten things up. The end of lockdown is in sight. What better way to celebrate than to hang some new baskets and build a blaze of colour to herald life, getting back to somewhere approaching normal!

Join us this Mother's day

This Mother’s Day, 14 March 2021, I’ll be presenting an exclusive event for Leonard Cheshire via Zoom that will focus on the perfect container to see in the Spring; the hanging basket. Now’s the time to get out there and start getting your hands dirty.

I’m really looking forward to it because I love hanging baskets. People underestimate them and the joy they can bring through their colour, texture and even scent. Check out the candy floss aroma of Nemesia, for example.

The joy of hanging baskets

Hanging baskets work beautifully on a balcony or a small terrace. The best thing about baskets is you don’t have to have a huge space. If you’ve got a really good secure fixing, then you could hang anything.

I know some people that have used colanders or even a glass vase! The latter was fascinating because you could see all the root system and everything underneath. The exciting aspect of hanging baskets is you can really mix up loads of different types of bedding plants to give you a wonderfully contained, colourful effect.

You can have very traditional styles that cascade down over the basket’s rim, or you could go very modern with succulents and echeveria and have a low maintenance all-year-round spectacle. There are a few simple do’s and don’ts to talk through, but maintenance is minimal. Anyone can do it. The possibilities are endless!

Buy your ticket today

Tickets are available now, and we’ll send you a list of what you’ll need to create your own masterpiece if you want to follow me on the day. But my job on 14 March is to break things down and make it simple. You can sit back, have a cup of tea and take it all in – but I hope we can have a giggle along the way!

We’re also running a very special competition open to everyone who attends. After the class, send us a photo of your basket, and the very best one, as judged by me, will win a 60-minute private consultation over Zoom!

So whether you want to treat your Mum or just learn a bit more about this ever popular container, do join us – it’ll be fun!

Hanging basket masterclass with Mark Lane

Award-winning expert Mark Lane will teach you how to create a gorgeous hanging basket. And he'll show you some tips and tricks to keep it in blossom for as long as possible.

Tickets cost £11.13 (£9.99 + Eventbrite admin fee of £1.14).

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