Five Change 100 successes

News team

Change 100 is a programme which brings together the UK’s top employers and talented disabled students and graduates to offer three months of paid work experience.

Since launching in 2014 we have supported 403 interns into roles at 131 employers with 99% of interns recommending the programme.

To celebrate the programme reaching its five year milestone we take a look at five of its success stories.

Change 100 has been a positive and rewarding experience. I was doubtful when applying that it was ‘right for me’ but I’m so glad I did.

Liv Lisle

Shaun Miller — Leicestershire County Council

Shaun relocated for his placement with the council during the summer. In early education Shaun was heavily affected by his conditions but a late diagnosis helped him access support and adjustments, and he excelled in his studies.

Previously he has been uncertain about disclosure in the workplace but has had an incredibly positive experience on the programme.

‘I have absolutely no regrets from the Change 100 programme, I actually wouldn't change anything.

‘My line manager and mentor have both been really supportive, as have all the other staff I have worked with.’

Shaun Miller

Chidinma Uche — Skanska

Chidinma had missed a lot of school and support whilst studying, meaning she faced the added challenge of catching up – but is predicted a 1st in her Chemical Engineering degree.

She has previously found the application process for employment difficult – but through Change 100 had a really successful placement at Skanska, working as a quantity surveyor.

‘From a placement viewpoint I now see the benefits of declaring your disability and/or long term health condition to your employer. There is nothing to lose, you actually have more to gain.’

Chidinma Uche

Rhiann Holloway — Leonard Cheshire

Previously Rhiann had never disclosed her condition to an employer, and had found it challenging to retain work.

For her Change 100 placement Rhiann was part of the corporate partnerships team, gaining vital experience in the charity sector.

‘Whereas before, I felt guilty about having a condition that might affect the way I work, I’ve learnt to be unapologetic about my needs because I now know what I am entitled to.’

Rhiann Holloway

Liv Lisle — BMW

Liv has had mental health problems from the age of fourteen which has led to her to be concerned about how she would adjust and fit into a new team environment.

She was also worried whether the logistics of employment would be to her health my health but excelled with her placement at BMW, which provided her with a solid basis of paid work experience and confidence.

‘Change 100 has been a positive and rewarding experience. I was doubtful when applying that it was ‘right for me’ but I’m so glad I did.’

2019 Change 100 intern chatting to a coworker

Amber Pavey – Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Amber has hypermobility syndrome which means she is less stable, causing pain and fatigue.

This lead her to being worried that she wouldn’t be able to get enough with her working hours and meant she had turned down previous work.

She had a great placement with Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, working on projects within the finance department. 

‘It has taken away the worry of whether the employer will understand and if the hours will work for me and given me a supported environment in which to try out what I can manage.’

Amber Change 100 intern chatting