Digital access for jobseekers with disabilities

Angel Perez

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Angel Perez explains how technology enables inclusion for jobseekers with disabilities.

Inclusive digital tools are critical for people with disabilities to find job opportunities. As a leader in digital accessibility, we help many organisations go further with inclusive digital engagement.

Enhancing employability skills in Kenya and Bangladesh

Our Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) programme uses digital systems to help improve the employability skills of 10,000 people with disabilities in Kenya and Bangladesh. People with disabilities experience vast levels of exclusion from employment in these areas. The policies are not strong enough to support them. There is also a lack of understanding of inclusivity in the private sector. There is not enough proper training and technology.

Digital literacy and training platforms

i2i is testing innovation along the employment pathway. It will provide digital literacy and training using inclusive online platforms. With technology, we can help people to build skills, find jobs and feel included. We do this by working in partnership with regional training providers and eLearning specialists to support skills training. 

Increasing opportunities for employment internationally

In Kenya, i2i has partnered with Fuzu, an online career services and advice platform. Together, we will develop an accessible platform that provides services and jobs for people with disabilities.

We have also teamed up with the largest jobs site in Bangladesh - Bdjobs provides direct access to over 80% of jobs posted in the country. 

By ensuring these platforms are inclusive, we will reach more jobseekers with disabilities. We will also contact employers across the country who want to recruit candidates to inclusive jobs. 

Accenture and Microsoft AI increasing employability in India

We worked with Accenture and Microsoft AI on our JobAbility employment platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, it has career advice services to match people with jobs. This platform works by matching someone's skills, abilities and career interests to jobs. 

Because of this project, we have helped build the skills of more than 80,000 people with disabilities in India. Many employers have also created inclusive workplaces. This experience will be vital to the i2i programme.

Digital solutions promote digital inclusion

Our work in India and i2i show how digital solutions can strengthen disability inclusion in poorer countries. They help people with disabilities to be part of society, get jobs and earn money. They give people with disabilities significantly more choice and control. 

i2i helps people with disabilities find employment with companies in Kenya and Bangladesh. UK aid funds the programme. It is managed by a consortium led by Leonard Cheshire.