Coronavirus has fuelled disability hate crime


Linda tells us about her experience with online disability hate crime during the pandemic.

Linda standing by a river

My name's Linda. I recently became a victim of hate in an online forum after defending disabled people who are exempt from wearing face masks.

I received several messages with heated and aggressive words. I was very frustrated and a little angry. My participation in the forums was not just for myself but other disabled people in a similar position to me.

The false courage on social media

People can hide behind social media. It gives people the "courage" to act out in ways that they would not normally do in face-to-face situations.

It's hard because the police already have a lot on their plate. They don't have enough resources to cope with the extra work that coronavirus brings. Not to mention, while trying to maintain their regular work schedule.

There needs to be more awareness about what hate crime is

During the pandemic, there has been a lot of hate towards people who aren't wearing masks. But sometimes this is due to their disability - there needs to be more recognition of this. People need to realise that harassment of non-mask users with a disability is a hate crime.

Life can be hard enough for people like me with a health disability and the pandemic has only made this more challenging. People need to realise the impact of their actions and educate themselves on disability.

Say no to disability hate crime

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