A centre for everyone

Clare Norman

Tom lives in Seven Springs, our care home in Kent. He tells us about the impact of hydrotherapy and why he can't wait for the new activity suite to open.

It gave me the freedom to move about. I really felt as if I had achieved something which I couldn’t have done otherwise.

Lorraine - Seven Springs resident

Tom is excited. It’s been over 18 months since the hydrotherapy pool had to close at Seven Springs residential home and activity centre in Kent. But things are about to change.

Plans have now been signed off for vital refurbishments. And despite the inevitable delay caused by the current crisis, the pool – and activity centre – will be back in action as soon as we can make it possible.

Tom will be able to begin his hydrotherapy sessions once again.

Tom smiling in his wheelchair

Benefits for the community

It’s not just Tom and his fellow residents who will benefit. Seven Springs is there for the whole community, and people across the Kent area come here for therapy, to socialise, and to have fun.

For more than 45 years, Seven Springs has provided hydrotherapy and rehabilitation for disabled people. The centre is home to 30 residents like Tom and supports more than 1,500 people in the wider community too.

Once the refurbishment is complete, people with physical and mental health conditions, community groups, parents and toddlers, NHS services, and other disability groups will all be able to use the facilities. They’ll be able to join in with community activities and get essential support. In fact, Leonard Cheshire will be able to support 520 more people every year!

Why hydrotherapy is important

Reopening the pool will make a massive difference for Tom. His mobility and confidence improved considerably during sessions. Tom’s physiotherapist Mario told us:

“Hydrotherapy really helped Tom’s stiffness. He was able to get out of his [wheel]chair and move more and more freely in the water.”

Lorraine also lives at Seven Springs and is proud of the progress she made in the pool. “I felt exhilarated because I couldn’t stand up out of the water, but I could in the pool. It gave me the freedom to move about. I really felt as if I had achieved something which I couldn’t have done otherwise.” 

And it’s all thanks to the kindness of our wonderful supporters. Gifts in wills are making these refurbishments possible – and what a lasting legacy they will have. Not only by bringing the community together, but increasing the wellbeing and independence of future generations of disabled people too. Seven Springs truly will become a new community beacon.