Change 100 top tips

Here are our top tips on how to submit a successful application and give yourself the best chance of getting through to an assessment centre.

Your application to the Change 100 programme is your first chance to make a good impression.

We receive hundreds of fantastic applications and although we would like to see everyone at an assessment centre, only those that really impress us on their application form will be invited to the next stage.

1. Do your homework

Look at our student brochure to find out exactly what the Change 100 programme offers and what attributes we are looking for in candidates.

2. Make it personal.

We know there are thousands of people who could benefit from the opportunity we offer, but we want to know why you should take part. What would you get from the experience?

3. Think about your academic, personal and professional experience.

Try and use a range of experiences to answer the questions but don’t worry if you don’t have any professional experience yet — some of our best applications don’t.

Your studies, personal life or perhaps your disability or long-term health condition will have enabled you to develop many of the skills we’re looking for and you can use whatever examples best showcase these skills.

4. Use the word count.

We think 200 words per answer is just about the right amount for us to get a good understanding of what you would bring to the programme. Remember: depth is better than breadth.

We’d prefer to see you fully explaining a time you have showed that skill, and what you learnt, rather than listing the number of times you have.

We think the ‘STARE’ model is a great way to answer. Talking us through the situation, task, action, result and evaluating what you learned is a great way to show us your skills and experience.

Read each question carefully and remember that each question in the Application Questions section of the form is equally weighted.

5. Get someone to check your application.

Not just to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar, but to make sure that you are using a good amount of detail and presenting your answers in a way that best reflects you.

To make sure, why not book an appointment with your University Careers Service?

6. Think about what’s best for you.

We accept video applications and other alternative formats so think about what will work best for you. Email for more information.