Guests at Park House enjoying the garden

Our hotel in Sandringham

Park House Hotel update

Since the original plan of September 2019 detailing an agreement to spend £2.3m redeveloping Park House - and match fund the same amount for further investment - cash resources and fundraising have understandably been shifted in response to the pandemic.

Costs associated with the project have also risen significantly.

The current fundraising environment is hugely challenging and the costs to undertake the planned project have escalated well beyond the original estimates. The expenditure would be difficult both in terms of affordability and being the right thing to do for our beneficiaries.

We therefore cannot justify that outlay considering the current barriers that disabled people face across the world and coupled with the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the impact to our work, it’s been proposed to discontinue the redevelopment and work with Sandringham Estate to exit the lease.

We understand the loyalty and affection our regular guests have for the hotel and we will be contacting them individually.
Our current focus remains the provision of our care and support services, the people who live with us and those who benefit from our programmes across the world. During these unprecedented times, this is more important than ever.

We will continue to work closely with the Sandringham Estate on Park House’s immediate future.

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