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Our Campaigns

Libby, one of our campaigners, looks at the camera while smiling

From expert to unemployable

22 March 2019

Libby shares her experience of finding a job with a disability.

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Alison by a local pond in the countryside

‘It is hard not to become cynical’

15 March 2019

Alison, along with other disabled people and local residents, have been campaigning for step free access to her local railway station since 2008.

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Diane, one of the nine members of our Campaign Steering Group, looks at the camera and smiles

The nine members of our Campaign steering group

2 January 2019

The Campaign Steering Group was set up to advise the Policy and Campaigns team about our work.

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Our Campaigner Jaz laughs and looks at the camera

I’m so tired of people pushing in front of me

4 December 2018

Jaz is a university student but working this summer in London. She is a keen traveller and has lived all over the UK.

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Our campaigner Kathy looking at the camera

This experience played on my mind every time

29 August 2018

Kathy, one of our campaigner, told us about her anixety around travelling

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Our campaigner Gill smiles at the camera

It's time to improve travel on trains

18 July 2018

Gill has campaigned consistently against government cuts by travelling to Westminster and meeting with her MP

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Our Campaigner poses in front of a wall of music related items

Poor public transport makes my journeys difficult

4 July 2018

William was born profoundly deaf and blind in his right eye. He regularly attends gigs but finds the commuting difficult with his disabilities. 

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Josh and a friend talk while walking along a high street

All our voices need to be heard

27 June 2018

Josh is a disability rights campaigner and speaker volunteer for Leonard Cheshire. He has been a campaigner since 2014.

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Anil looks at the camera

Getting that dream job

1 May 2018

Anil has Cerebral Palsy but this has never stopped him from living a normal life or achieving his full potential.

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Matthew Wood, of Millwood Servicing Ltd

Untapped pool of talent

23 May 2018

Millwood Servicing Ltd, a family run and owned small business based in Surrey, speak about what could be done better to attract and support disabled employees.

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A woman wearing glasses laughs

Voices from the campaign community

7 March 2018

We are calling for more funding for social care. We know that good care transforms disabled people’s lives but that at the moment social care is being chronically underfunded. 

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Our campaigner Jonathan looks at the camera

Job hunting as a young disabled person

19 October 2017

Jonathan, who has a learning disability, left school in 2006 but has since struggled to find employment.

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