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Hay Festival: Peter Scott-Morgan talks to Stephen Fry

Join scientist, Peter Scott-Morgan as he talks to Stephen Fry exclusively at the Hay Festival.

Peter Scott-Morgan and Stephen Fry


Online event


Saturday 29 May 2021


6pm – 6.50pm

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This year, we are proud to be one of the official partners of the Hay Festival.

Peter Scott-Morgan, a brilliant scientist, is told he will lose everything he loves – his husband, family, friends. He has Motor Neurone Disease, a condition universally considered to be terminal. He is told it will destroy his nerve cells and that within two years, it will take his life, too. But face-to-face with death, he decides there is another way and using science and technology, he navigates a new path that will enable him not just to survive, but to thrive.

This is true story about the first person to combine his very humanity with artificial intelligence and robotics to become a full Cyborg. His discovery means that his terminal diagnosis is negotiable, something that will rewrite the future. By embracing love, life and hope rather than fear, tragedy and despair he will become Peter 2.0.

This event is free but tickets must be booked through Hay Festival website.

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