Fundraising tips

If you're taking part in or organising an event for Leonard Cheshire, take a look at these key fundraising tips to help you get started.

Set yourself targets

Set a fundraising target for yourself or each member of your team if applicable – it's easier to fundraise when you are trying to reach a goal

Don't go it alone

Develop a team of fundraisers to help you. Distribute sponsorship forms to your family, friends and colleagues to take with them wherever they go. Just remember to write your name, address and telephone on the back so that the forms will get back to you.

Set up an online fundraising page

It can dramatically improve your fundraising — it’s secure, confidential (your sponsors can choose whether they would like further contact from the charity or not), it's quick and convenient but the best bit is that you don’t have to collect any money, so no more chasing people after the event is over! And for UK taxpayers, Gift Aid is added automatically, which means Leonard Cheshire can claim an extra 25p from the government for every £1 raised — with no extra cost to you or your sponsors! Set up your own online fundraising page with Just Giving.


Don’t just tell people you are doing a sponsored event — make sure you ask them for their support! Be sure to tell them how they can donate.

Matched giving 

If you are working, check to see if your company offers a matched sponsorship program. It's a great way to double your money.

Be prepared to chase your sponsors

We all have the best of intentions but with our busy lives we can often forget. A gentle reminder email or phone call is all you need to get great fundraising results.

We hope that these tips help and we wish you the very best of luck with your fundraising!