The state of social care in Great Britain in 2016

Julie, 30, standing outdoors with walking aidAcross the UK, disabled people have told us they are struggling to get the social care they need. And very few politicians seem to have noticed or be taking any action.

Britain’s social care system is in crisis. We have seen nearly £5 billion in cuts since 2010 which has left hundreds of thousands of disabled people without the care they need.

  • 48% of disabled adults who say they need social care do not receive any support at all.
  • Thousands are trapped at home, isolated and unemployed.

We all need to take urgent action to ensure social care is fit for the future. That’s why we are calling for:

  • a fair and sustainable funding system for social care
  • an independent commission on social care
  • an independent appeals system

The state of social care where you live

At least 400,000 people need social care in the UK — but not everyone is getting the care they need.

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Social care stories

1. Lee's story

Lee and his mum sitting on the sofaMeet Lee. Lee has complex learning difficulties. The social care which enabled him to get out of the house and enjoy various activities for many years — as well as attend college — has recently been cut from five days to just three.

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2. Lynne's story

Lynne and her husband MichaelLynne was born with cerebral palsy but along the way she has also been diagnosed with MS and asthma. Most days are exhausting for her and her husband.

Lynne does not receive the care package she needs to live her life to the fullest. A great deal of time and money has been wasted on sorting out her social care package.

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3. Joan's story

Joan, 88, outdoors near her home in HampshireJoan's council has been providing her with care at home for almost 30 years, but she doesn't get a choice about what time a carer visits in the evening to help her get ready for bed.

Sometimes it can be as early as 6pm. She doesn't want to go to bed at the same time every night and so tries to manage to do this herself instead.

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