A necessary step towards building Global Britain

Our Director of Policy, Gemma Hope, responds to the Integrated Review and its effects on foreign aid.

Our Director of policy Gemma Hope said:

“We welcome the government’s decision to restore foreign aid spending to 0.7% of GDP in the Integrated Review published today. It comes not a moment too soon, both in terms of helping the world’s most marginalised communities and developing our role as a ‘Global Britain’. 

“The UK’s contribution to foreign aid plays a key role in the inclusion of persons with disabilities in overseas development programmes. By restoring spending, we can provide more equitable and sustainable development, in line with global commitments such as the UN Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities. We can also continue to take a leading role in improving inclusion of girls with disabilities, especially in education. 

“In a year in which the UK is hosting the G7, the GPE Replenishment, and COP26, we need to be visibly taking the lead in reducing global inequality. The government has already played a leading role in promoting inclusion. Restoring the 0.7% target is the necessary next step towards building a Global Britain that leads the way on securing rights and equality.”

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