Foreign aid secure equal rights

Our Managing Director of Global Influencing and Programmes Tiziana Oliva responds to the government’s vote to maintain the cut in overseas aid from 0.7% to 0.5%.

In response to the government’s vote to maintain lower ODA contributions, our Managing Director of Global Influencing and Programmes  Tiziana Oliva said:

“The government’s vote on foreign aid ties the restoration of our 0.7% contribution to a series of conditions that will be difficult to meet. It therefore risks extending the cut indefinitely, and slowing global progress on equality and rights.  

Foreign aid isn’t just about sending money abroad. Overseas development programmes, many of them at risk of being cut, are about allowing people to secure opportunities for better lives. Disabled girls, for example, are one of the most marginalised populations, but are better able to access education, work, and sanitary products because of work by agencies to promote equal rights, including Leonard Cheshire. 

This is the reality of foreign aid: it helps secure equal rights and opportunities for many more people. We should not lose sight of the value of committing to foreign aid spending, even during such challenging times as these.”

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