Cybersquatting of

It has come to our notice that an expired Leonard Cheshire domain has been acquired by a marketing company in Bulgaria, who have now uploaded a website claiming to be our charity. Please be clear, this site is in no way whatsoever connected to Leonard Cheshire. Our primary domain is

Our IT Security team have very quickly taken all necessary actions to contain this situation, and also reported it to the relevant authorities. We do, however, want to make sure we protect everyone involved with Leonard Cheshire in whatever capacity, and so at this stage, we would like to warn our customers, visitors, partners, suppliers, staff, and volunteers in the UK and internationally – do not engage with any communications of any type (particularly email) from this domain name.

It may be possible that this organisation could use it for fraudulent intent.

We have worked quickly to suppress the potential risk.

If you have been contacted in any way by an organisation or individuals connected to this domain name, please do NOT reply or interact with them. Instead, contact the Information Governance team at Leonard Cheshire at where we will be able to help.