Speakers network

We've got the gift of the gab! Our speakers provide presentations, workshops and raise awareness of our work. These free sessions can be tailored to suit your group or interests.

I am sure the group now have a different view of disability and a few ideas on what they can do to make a difference and help others.

What does a volunteer speaker do?

Our volunteer speakers visit schools, businesses, youth and community groups.

Speaker topics include:

  • Disability, inclusion and the effects of bullying.
  • Disability, equality and workplace inclusion.
  • Our history and current work including our UK and international operations.
  • Volunteering opportunities in your area and how to get involved.

Sessions can be presentation based or involve lots of fun activities. We are happy to tailor sessions, so if you are looking for something specific let us know.

All our speakers are free of charge.

Contact us

For more information or to request a speaker, contact us using: